MerryBoo Sahara of AsuraCats – Seal Mink Charcoal Rosetted

Tested HCM negative on 17/06/15

PK Def N/N (normal)

PRA-b N/N (normal)

MerryBoo Sahara of AsuraCats - Seal Mink Charcoal rosetted

Sahara is our newest addition to the clan, and she is absolutely stunning, a rare Seal Mink Snow Charcoal 🙂 Sahara is such a sweetheart – she is so friendly and people loving. She is happy to be carried about like a baby and loves to snuggle in with us at night. She loves to be up high, and is often found on top of the cat tree or kitchen cupboards.

Mated with Baloo, Sahara produces Charcoal kittens, as well as melanistics and double ALC Agouti carriers. She has now had her first litter and they are all beautiful and adorable, just like her 🙂
MerryBoo Sahara of AsuraCats - Charcoal Seal Mink rosetted

A big thank you to Lesley for allowing this beautiful girl to enter our lives, we adore her.

Click here for Sahara’s pedigree