Solargem Mirage of AsuraCats – Brown Rosetted

Tested HCM negative on 17/06/15

PK Def N/N (normal)

PRA-b N/N (normal)

Solargem Mirage of AsuraCats - Brown Rosetted Bengal

Mirage is our Brown rosetted queen from Solargem and she is absolutely stunning. She has a light base coat, wonderful colour and the most amazing contrasting rosettes. Not to mention a great head and profile.

Her personality is amazing too and she is lively, affectionate and loving and loves to ‘groom’ us! Her and Amaiah are the best of friends and they love to play and sleep together. We couldn’t have asked for anything more with this girl. She is proving to be a fantastic mummy too and holds the dilute (Blue) gene, Seal Lynx Point Snow gene and the marble gene, so paired with our boy Baloo she can produce Blue kittens, as well as Brown rosetted and marbled.

Mirage’s kitens are all stunning, friendly and affectionate, just like her 🙂

Solargem Mirage of AsuraCatsSolargem Mirage of AsuraCats

Thank you so much to Frances & Paul for allowing this extra special girl to live with us and become part of our breeding program. We love her ❤

Click here for Mirage’s pedigree