Baloo is our resident stud, a rare Blue Charcoal. He is big, loving, cuddly, naughty and noisy (everything a Bengal should be!). Baloo has the most stunning babies that will all carry either Charcoal Apb or non-agouti, and of course dilute (Blue). He has a fabulous head which he passes on to his offspring and an amazing personality. Baloo is one of a kind!


I am so lucky to have such a stunningly beautiful and loving cat. Mirage is a wonderful mother and takes everything in her stride. She holds dilute (Blue) and Seal Lynx point snow, as well as marble.


Sahara is a Seal Mink Charcoal Snow. Her coat clarity is outstanding and she is such a sweetheart, loving and naughty, we all adore her. Sahara has now had her first litter with Baloo and she is turning out to be a fantastic mother. Her kittens are, as expected, all absolutely stunning 🙂