CH Slavess Celisse

A beautiful example of a tricoloured marble – Slavess Celisse, bred and owned by Ren Slaven of Slavess Bengals, photo courtesy of Ren Slaven

The marbled Bengal is incredibly beautiful. They have random swirling markings of browns and blacks, often with red tones. Their gorgeous markings should resemble that of the Clouded Leopard.

It is believed that Marble Bengals were formed as a result of the tabby gene being added into the Bengal breeding programme. However, their pattern should be as far away from the common tabby as possible. Their pattern should flow smoothly, almost like marble, hence the name.

Marbles often start out with a closed up pattern which gradually opens as they mature. The most sought after is a trimarble (a marble cat which has 3 colours in its coat). This cat will have a base coat colour and the pattern will be 2 different colours. Marble cats  should also have spotted bellies, although some have the marble pattern instead.

The marble gene is recessive therefore marble Bengals are less common than the spotted variety, however some breeders have chosen to work mainly with marble cats and so there are some fantastic examples.

Marble is a pattern and as with the spotted you can get many other colours, such as Snow marbles, Silver marbles and Blue marbles.

Bengal coat in more detail

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