Asian Leopard Cat

An example of an Asian Leopard Cat- Apollo of Gayzette, hybridising ALC owned by Gayzette Bengals, Scotland

Bengals are derived from the Asian Leopard Cat, a small wildcat found in Southeast Asia.  The Asian Leopard cat (or ALC) is a beautiful but timid creature. The aim of the Bengal Cat is to capture the beauty and wild looks of the Asian Leopard Cat but with a tame and friendly personality. Because of this Bengals are often not only beautiful, but extremely friendly and loving cats. They are curious and confident, athletic and quick. They generally love children and most have a passion for water; often splashing around in it and hopping in the sink or bath for a play! They are intelligent creatures with a fun loving nature. They have some traits more often found in dogs; like their loyalty and need for companionship and attention. The Bengal cat is talkative with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

The Bengal is a medium to large breed of cat with the males weighing around 12 to 15lbs and the females 6-12lbs (around the same size as a common moggy). Their hind legs are typically longer than their forelegs and hence many walk low, like a lion when stalking. They are muscular and have medium to small ears with rounded tips. Their eyes are large and oval and they have a medium length thick tail and a soft silky coat, which is short to medium in length. They have a spotted pattern on their bellies, high cheekbones, large whisker pads and stunning markings of rosetted spots or marble swirls on their coats.