PureBengalsGB Baloo AsuraCats – Blue Charcoal Rosetted

Tested HCM negative on 17/06/15

PRA-b N/N (normal)

PureBengalsGB Baloo AsuraCats

Baloo is a very rare Blue Charcoal, this makes his Blue colour deeper and stronger and I hope that he will pass this on to his kittens. He has a mask and cape like other charcoals but it isn’t as pronounced due to his colour. All his kittens will carry the dilute (Blue) gene and either charcoal or melanistic so will be able to have charcoal kittens themselves with the right pairing. He has a fantastic head and body structure and is a big, muscular boy. We have recently had our first litters from him and his kittens are stunning.

Baloo has the most amazing outgoing personality, he loves attention and loves people. He is very vocal and energetic but so incredibly loving and is often giving us headbutts or cuddling in and making biscuits with his paws. He is such a special boy, we love Baloo ❤

PureBengalsGB Baloo AsuraCats

Baloo & Chloé

A big thank you to Ali for letting us have this amazing boy for our program, we adore him.

Click here for Baloo’s pedigree